University Hospital Emergency Medical Services



The EMS management team is responsible for ensuring overall departmental compliance with respect to established standard operating procedures, policies, clinical competence, and all applicable university, state, and federal guidelines.

All members of the UH-EMS management team have extensive EMS experience and are certified and/or licensed in their respective fields. The Department is led by the EMS Director. EMS Coordinators oversee the day-to-day operations of their respective divisions.

A University Hospital physician serves as the EMS Medical Director and oversees clinical procedures and policies as well as quality assurance and improvement activities.

The administration and management team of University Hospital Emergency Medical Services:

John Grembowiec
EMS Director

Joseph Burlew
Communications Coordinator
Regional Emergency Medical Communications System, and Special Operations Team

James Doran
EMS Coordinator
Logistical and Support Services

Terry Hoben
EMS Coordinator
ALS Division, NorthSTAR Air Medical Program

Celeste Jachowski
EMS Coordinator
BLS Division and EMS Rescue

Daniel Vega
EMS Coordinator
ET3 and Critical Care Transport Coordinator

Joseph McNamara
Chief Flight Nurse
JEMSTAR Air Medical Program

Dr. Timothy Satty, MD
EMS Medical Director